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Worship • Study • Service

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The St Mary’s Indian Orthodox Cathedral Youth Movement (SMIOCYM) is the combined MGOCSM & OCYM unit of St Mary’s Indian Orthodox Cathedral. The unit, under the leadership of its President, the Cathedral Vicar, aims to foster a strong fellowship for the young adults of our congregation through the pillars of Worship, Study and Service, achieved through an active presence within the congregation, the community and the wider church.

Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement (MGOCSM) is the oldest Christian student movement in India, founded in 1907. It is the student wing of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church founded on the basis of intense yearning for true spiritual progress for the youth along with an ardent spirit of Christian fellowship, through Worship, Study and Service.

Orthodox Christian Youth Movement (OCYM) is the youth wing of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. It contributes to the goodness and progress of the Church and community in the three-fold path of Worship, Study and Service, it’s motto. It aims at moulding the minds and visions of the youth against the background of the contemporary issues.

Fellowship is a fundamental foundation on which the SMIOCYM stands. Through social activities, such as trivia nights and picnics, and through youth camps and other excursions, the SMIOCYM aims to build a strong community for the youth, so the Cathedral’s young members have a support network within the church community.

The SMIOCYM maintains an active presence through the liturgical services of the church. Namely, the youth movement takes leadership during the English liturgical services, where the youth movement maintains a Youth Choir. The third Sunday service each month is dedicated to the youth, after which the youth conduct a monthly meeting. The youth also conduct Lenten night vigils on the night of Holy Saturday and conduct exam prayer chains during secondary and tertiary education exam seasons. 

The SMIOCYM conducts a fortnightly ‘Midweek Meditation’ where they conduct a bible study, understanding and meditating on different themes and bible passages. The sessions are often facilitated by members of the youth movement itself but occasionally feature guests such as faith leaders throughout the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

The SMIOCYM also runs Lenten retreats, youth camps and other events to further nurture their faith.

The SMIOCYM are active in both service within the Cathedral and service in the form of charity contributions. The SMIOCYM are actively involved in activities within the church such as cleaning, maintaining and decorating the church, occasionally contributing the tea fellowship and helping other spiritual organisations, such as the School School, in the facilitation of their own projects, such as OVBS.

In terms of charity and community service, the SMIOCYM raise funds through sausage sizzles with a portion of the revenue raised going towards a nominated charity organisation. They also participate in fundraising drives such as the Push-up Challenge and the 40 Hour Famine.

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